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Here at CTT Law, we are proud to have received the Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) accreditation from The Law Society. But what does this mean and how does it affect our clients and the wider conveyancing community? We have compiled the following list of FAQs to explain exactly what the accreditation means for you.

Question: What is CQS and why should I choose a CQS accredited firm?

The CQS is a recognised quality standard for firms regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) in residential conveyancing. This means that when you proceed with a CQS accredited firm such as CTT Law, you know that we have met a higher standard of competence, risk, and client service levels that are expected of all CQS accredited firms by clients, lenders and the wider residential conveyancing community. You therefore not only get the best possible service, but the wider community benefits too. To be accredited by CQS, law firms undergo a strict assessment, compulsory training, and random audits to ensure that they are performing to CQS standard. CQS accredited firms follow the Law Society Conveyancing Protocol.

Question: What is the purpose of the Law Society Conveyancing Protocol?

The Law Society Conveyancing Protocol is a general outline for the sale and purchase of a home with the aim of standardising the conveyancing process. It includes a series of processes that may also be adapted for use in other conveyancing transactions such as transfers of equity. The use of the Protocol is intended to ensure that all clients are treated fairly and are protected when dealing with property transactions. Processes that are open and transparent help to not only make the experience of buying and selling more efficient, but also helps to reduce wasted time and costs, meaning you get the best possible experience. A copy of the Conveyancing Protocol can be found at

Question: How does CQS directly benefit the seller or buyer of a property?

By choosing a CQS accredited firm like CTT Law, not only do you know you’re in the best possible hands and that your transaction will be conducted to a high standard, we will also be friendly and professional, treat you fairly, promptly respond to any enquiries and concerns and offer complete clarity surrounding any unavoidable issues that may arise. At the outset, we will provide you with a clear breakdown of costs and make you aware of any necessary additional charges throughout the transaction.

Question: Do lenders require a CQS accredited firm to act for them?

When you are purchasing with the benefit of a mortgage, it would be usual for your conveyancer to also act for the lender to ensure their interest in the property is protected. Some of the leading banks such as NatWest, HSBC and Santander require firms who act for them to hold the CQS accreditation. Proceeding with a non-CQS accredited firm may therefore limit your options when choosing a lender or mean that you may have to pay more in legal costs to ensure the lender can be adequately represented by a different firm. By choosing a CQS accredited firm like CTT Law, you may avoid paying the lender’s legal costs for instructing a CQS accredited firm to act on their behalf as everything can be dealt with by the same firm.


In short, by instructing CTT Law who are a CQS accredited firm, you know that you are protected, in safe hands and that you are receiving a high-quality standard of conveyancing. Contact CTT Law today for more information or to receive a competitive quote for acting in your transaction.