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At CTT Law we can offer civil litigation for disputes that we believe can be settled before lengthy court procedures.

Civil litigation can encompass a large spectrum of legal matters, from disputes between landlords, and tenants, unpaid bills and professional negligence.  Whilst civil litigation cases don’t involve criminal charges, we do understand that they can be stressful and our team of experts are here to support you.

At CTT Law, we will give you our best advice, whether that means defending your case, suggesting mediation, advocating for a settlement or another suitable solution. We will also manage issuing court proceeding, gathering witness statements and if necessary, represent you at court applications and pre-trial hearings.

Pricing & Funding

CTT Law follows the SRA’s Transparency Rules, enabling you to make a fully informed choice of legal service provider. Please find details below on the pricing and funding for our services:

Civil Litigation Pricing

Employment Pricing

Debt Recovery Pricing

Terms of Business