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Conveyancing Pricing

Additional Fees (where required)
Fee Type Fee Amount Total (inc. VAT)
Compliance Fee (always applied) £65.00 + VAT £78.00
Administration Fee (always applied) £75.00 + VAT £90.00
Corporate Compliance Uplift £60.00 + VAT £72.00
Bank Transfer Fee £40.00 + VAT £48.00
Leasehold Fee/ Freehold Subject to Management Company Fee £195.00 + VAT £234.00
Unregistered Land Fee £195.00 + VAT £234.00
Stamp Duty Land Tax/ Land Transaction Tax Administration Fee £175.00 + VAT £210.00
Search Pack fee £300.00 + VAT £360.00
New Build Fee £195.00 + VAT £234.00
Mortgage Fee £125.00 + VAT £150.00
Indemnity Policy Fee £95.00 + VAT £114.00
Merging Titles Fee £125.00 + VAT £150.00
Trust Fee £165.00 + VAT £198.00
Gifted Deposit Fee £95.00 + VAT £114.00
Anticipated Disbursements/Third Party Fees*
Disbursement Type Fee amount Where expected
Stamp Duty Land Tax/ Land Transaction Tax TBC Purchase / Transfer of Equity (with consideration)
HM Land Registry Land Registration Fee TBC Purchase / Transfer of Equity/ Declaration of Trust/ First Registration
Notice of Transfer Fee TBC Leasehold Purchase / Leasehold Transfer of Equity
Deed of Covenant Fee TBC Leasehold Purchase/ Leasehold Transfer of Equity
Certificate of Compliance Fee TBC Leasehold Purchase / Leasehold Transfer of Equity
Estate Agent Fee TBC Sale
Management Pack Fee TBC Leasehold Sale

Please Note

No property transaction is the same and our fees will reflect the particular requirements of your transaction. For example, dealing with the purchase of a flat or property in the course of construction may, because of the need to review and report on the detailed lease terms or developer’s often extensive documentation, cost more than dealing with the purchase of an existing freehold property.

We cannot, therefore, provide you with a reliable estimate of the costs until we have details of your intended transaction.

These figures are an estimate and we reserve the right to charge for any additional work that is involved in the transaction that we were not made aware of at the outset.

Any additional charges will be discussed with you at the time we are made aware that additional work is required of us.

If your matter goes abortive, you may be required to pay for the work that has already been completed. This will depend on the stage the transaction has reached.

We will discuss with you at that stage if any payment is needed, which will be based on the amount of work carried out, or part payment of the fee initially agreed.

Please contact us to obtain an estimate specific to your transaction.

*The cost of the anticipated disbursements listed will vary on every transaction and it may not be possible to estimate the cost until part way through the transaction. You will be provided with details of these costs prior to completion.

** Although we provide quotes for transactions with a value over £3million, please note that our Professional Indemnity Insurance cover is limited to £3million.